WWE WrestleMania Challenges Students to Be Reading SuperStars
Posted on: March 04, 2013
WWE WrestleMania Challenges Students to Be Reading SuperStars

Above photo: WWE SuperStars Diva Alicia Fox, Brodus Clay and Diva Natalya in Orlando and second grade students from Lake Weston Elementary pose with their new books and the Readmobile from the Pearson Foundation at a WrestleMania Reading Challenge event on Feb. 21, 2013, part of the We Give Books initiative.

Recently, three WWE WrestleMania SuperStars made a visit to Lake Weston Elementary school in Orlando, but it was not for a wrestling match.

Diva Alicia Fox Diva Natalya and Brodus Clay read to kids.

Instead, it was all about reading. WWE Diva Alicia Fox, Brodus Clay and Diva Natalya challenged second grade students to become “WrestleMania Reading SuperStars” by reading as many books as they can in school and at home. To help them achieve the goal, they passed out books provided by the Pearson Foundation, which sponsors a national effort called “We Give Books” to promote reading in young people.

The Lake Weston students clutched their new books proudly after hearing the SuperStars read to them from the books “Bad Apple,” and “Little Dog Lost.”

“WWE reaches hundreds of millions of people, and it’s great to have such a powerful platform to promote something as important as reading,” said Diva Natalya.

“I wish I had had role models coming in to my school and teaching me,” said Diva Alicia Fox. “It’s great to start early with good reading habits.”

“As a former teacher, I know that statistically, if a child is at the proper reading level in third grade, they will be ready for the future,” said Brodus Clay.

WWE Entertainment and the Pearson Foundation are sponsoring similar events at schools around the nation.

Do you remember an elementary school assembly that gave you a special memory?

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Brian Craven

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