WiFi Available: Stay Connected at Work and Play!
Posted on: January 12, 2012
WiFi Available: Stay Connected at Work and Play!

Have you ever been out “playing” – at the park, at the mall, or maybe even on the beach – and a work emergency hits?  There you are with no Internet access, being forced to cut your play time short.  Bright House Networks can help!

Thousands of Bright House Networks WiFi locations are now available throughout Florida, meaning no more worries about looking for a WiFi connection, or missing any important work, while you are out “playing.”  Bright House Networks WiFi will allow any WiFi enabled device, such as a personal computer, tablet, Smartphone, or digital audio player, to connect to the Internet.

Bright House Networks has initially concentrated its Bright House Networks WiFi locations in marina areas, including Clearwater, Daytona Beach, Ybor City and River Walk, as well as areas where our customers heavily travel, such as I-Drive and shopping centers.

Best of all?  It’s free!  Bright House Networks customers who subscribe to Bright House Networks’ Road Runner service can get WiFi access in any of our locations at no additional cost, simply by using your My Services or Road Runner login.  WiFi access will also be available to non-Bright House Networks customers for a per use fee.

To get a complete picture of where Bright House Networks WiFi is available, visit brighthouse.com/wifi.

Happy Connecting!

Where do you find yourself using WiFi the most when you’re out and about?

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Soluna Shah
Soluna Shah

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