Welcome to our House!
Posted on: April 13, 2011
Welcome to our House!

Hello! I’m Kimberly Maki, vice president, corporate communications and team leader here at House2House. As the official corporate blog of Bright House Networks, House2House is an extension of our core business philosophy of putting our customers first – and of our brand reputation of making our customers’ lives simple and easy.

One way we can marry the two is to provide better ongoing dialogue about the things YOU want to learn about Bright House and share these in a public way. We’re committed to deepening our relationship with you. So, we’ve created a new place that is a little more like a living room and less like a board room. Many of you visiting us today may have interacted with us on Facebook or Twitter in the social space…or perhaps you’ve spoken with a customer service professional or welcomed a technician into your home. Whatever the case may be, I think you’ll be delighted to know that our company is showing up in ways that may surprise you.

It might be an act of kindness or heroism of one of our employees – new ways to explore and use our many products and services – or what we are doing to enrich and protect our kids in our local communities. We want you to get to know the people behind this business and all that we do each and every day to make US proud that YOU live in a Bright House!

As with many blogs, comments are moderated. You can find our comment policies in our House Rules and Terms of Use. We ask that you keep posts on-topic, friendly and free of inappropriate comments.

We’ve set out on this initial day to provide you with a brief “tour” of our blog by posting seven stories of diverse interest. The beauty of a blog is that YOU get to help create this space, this place of conversation…and we sincerely hope to hear from you soon!

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Kimberly Maki
Kimberly Maki

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  1. Great blog! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

  2. Please keep me posted on new things!!! I love Brighthouse and would never think of switching to anyone else. You guys at brighthouse are great!!!!!!! Customer service is excellent, as I recently occurred a problem and the women I spoke to actually got me more services and paying less money!!!!!



    • Thank you, Connie! Please keep visiting us here at House2House. It’s great to hear from you and good to know that you are enjoying our services.

  3. I am a snowbird in Lakeland Fl and love the Bright House technology.When will you be venturing to Ontario Canada?Would love your service here.

    • Thank you for being a customer of Bright House Networks! Glad to hear you love your service. At this time, we have no plans to offer service in Canada. We’ll certainly keep you posted!

  4. Without Brighthouse internet I’d be dead in the water working (and blogging) from home!

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