Week 7 College Football Schedule
Posted on: October 12, 2012
Week 7 College Football Schedule

Last week was truly a week not to be forgotten, especially for FSU fans like myself.  If USF was the game that ended the Bowden era, hopefully last week was the beginning of the end for Jimbo Fisher. How can you lose 5 games in 3 years in which you were favored by double digits? Only Jimbo can answer that. Recruiting doesn’t mean anything if you can’t coach the talent you’re bring in. Ok, enough about FSU, let’s move onto this weeks matchups!

Early Game to Watch:  Texas @ Oklahoma (noon ET)
It’s time for the annual Red River Rivalry, and boy does this game have an unusual feel to it. While both teams are ranked in the top 15, this game used to always have national championship implications. This year, it’s between two teams fighting to make up ground in the Big 12. The loser of this one is all but eliminated from winning the Big 12, and they’ll be looking at the Alamo Bowl square in the face.

Other Games to Watch:
Louisville @ Pittsburgh (11:00am ET)
Kansas State @ Iowa State (noon ET)
Auburn @ Ole Miss (12:21pm ET)

Midday Game to Watch: Stanford @ Notre Dame (3:30pm ET)
Has Notre Dame finally returned to the top of college football? This game won’t fully answer that question, but it sure will help. The Irish play one of the toughest schedules in all of college football. Having already beating Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue and Miami, they now get to welcome PAC12 rival Stanford before facing Oklahoma and USC later in the year  The so-called experts predicted they would be 3-2, best case, at this point. Now they’ve wiggled their way into the National Championship picture. Stanford was supposed to be an afterthought after losing all world QB Andrew Luck to the NFL. While they haven’t exactly been dominating their opponents, the win again then #2 ranked USC let the world know that the Cardinals were more than a one trick pony. We’ll see if they have what it takes to go into South Bend to pull the upset.

Other Games to Watch:
Oregon State @ BYU (3:30pm ET)
West Virginia @ Texas Tech (3:30pm ET)
Boston College @ Florida State (5:30pm ET)
Florida @ Vanderbilt (6:00pm ET)

Late Game to Watch: South Carolina @ LSU (8:00pm ET)
Boy, there’s a lot on the line for the Gamecocks this week as they head to Baton Rouge to take on the Tigers. South Carolina has its highest ranking in school history (#3), the longest winning streak in school history (10 games) and is right in the thick of things for the national championship (though they still have some tough games on their schedule). The Ol’ Ball Coach is really doing the impossible at South Carolina, and he’s not using the Fun n’ Gun he became famous for at UF. Simply put, the Gamecocks are being more physical than their opponents. Funny that they play LSU this week, who returned to national prominence by doing the exact same thing: being physical. After losing an ugly game in Gainesville last week, the Tigers are desperate to show they’re still a force in college football. To do that, they’re going to have to figure out a way to score some points. They are currently 42nd in the nation in Points Scored, not what you’d expect for a team that recruits as well as anyone.

Other Games to Watch:
USC @ Washington (7:00pm ET)
Ohio State @ Indiana (8:00pm ET)
Texas A&M @ Louisiana Tech (8:00pm ET)

What games are you watching this week?

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Joe Harmer
Joe Harmer

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  1. I couldn’t agree more about Jimbo! Great article on matchups. Enjoy the games.

    • Thanks, Ryan!

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