Week 13 College Football TV Schedule
Posted on: November 21, 2012
Week 13 College Football TV Schedule

Rivalry week….the best and worst week of the College Football season. We all know why it’s the best: who wouldn’t want to watch all of the in-state rivalries that mean so much for recruiting, as well as the others that get sprinkled in like Michigan and Ohio State. So what’s not to like about this week of the season? It’s pretty simple, it means the fun is about over. Some teams are fortunate enough to play in a conference championship game, so at least they have that to look forward to. Bowl season is kind of a mess, with games being played what seems like every day of the week and most aren’t very good match-ups. So this is it: the last Saturday of a full-on game day overload. You better enjoy it!

Early Game to Watch:  Georgia Tech @ Georgia (noon ET) The theme of the week is BCS implications. That’s why I’m featuring Georgia Tech and Georgia. The Bulldogs have a legitimate shot to play for the national championship. Beat the Yellow Jackets and the Crimson Tide and you’re in…pretty simple. But a loss here means they’re out, regardless if they beat Alabama. Georgia Tech is definitely outgunned in this game, but they do run the true triple option, which is difficult to prepare for.  A little side note, a Tech win significantly helps ACC schools, especially Florida State.  More on that below.

Other Games to Watch: Michigan @ Ohio State (noon ET) UCONN @ Louisville (noon ET) Rutgers @ Pittsburgh (noon ET) UAB @ UCF (noon ET)

Midday Game to Watch: Florida @ Florida State (3:30pm ET) This is the biggest game on the schedule this year for my Seminoles. I watch these two teams play more than any others and though I’m definitely biased, I don’t see how the Noles don’t win by at least 2 TDs. UF is a mess on offense, so as long as FSU doesn’t turn the ball over and give away points, this shouldn’t be close. This game could also mean a lot for FSU and the BCS rankings. The Seminoles and all of the ACC have been hurt significantly in the rankings because of strength of schedule. A win over the overrated Gators will improve our strength of schedule, but there’s also two other games that could help just as much. Georgia and Georgia Tech is one and the other is Clemson and South Carolina. If the ACC can win all of those games, computer rankings for all three schools will change dramatically. GO ACC!!!!

Other Games to Watch: Oregon @ Oregon State (3:00pm ET) Wisconsin @ Penn State (3:30pm ET) Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma (3:30pm ET)

Late Game to Watch: Notre Dame @ USC (8:00pm ET) This game lost a little luster when it was announced that Matt Barkley is out, but it’s still means an awful lot. Notre Dame is trying to return to the National Championship game and they’re one win away. It’s not easy to go undefeated; just ask every other team in the country. There’s a ton of pressure on the Irish to do it. Will they be able to pull it off???

Other Games to Watch: Stanford @ UCLA (7:00pm ET) South Carolina @ Clemson (8:00pm ET) Missouri @ Texas A&M (7:00pm ET)

What games are you watching this week?

Joe Harmer
Joe Harmer

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