Thanks For Your Bravery!
Posted on: January 07, 2013
Thanks For Your Bravery!

Ken of Melbourne, Florida wrote into the editorial section of Florida Today to recount a scary story about a venomous snake and a brave Bright House Networks technician that handled the situation.

Warren’s wife was at the entrance to their subdivision where she found an injured rattlesnake, approximately five feet long and six inches in diameter.  The snake had apparently been struck by a vehicle and, although near death, was still attempting to coil up.

The snake’s position was about 40 yards from a school bus stop, prompting Warren to call the county animal control.  Warren was told that animal control unfortunately did not handle these situations. Thankfully, a Bright House Networks technician that happened to be driving by stopped and safely handled the situation – putting it into a container and taking it away.

Thank you for your bravery and for helping keeping our neighborhood safe, even from snakes!

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Lorelie Johnson
Lorelie Johnson

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  1. What a great job!

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