Thank You, Will, for Listening
Posted on: January 07, 2013
Thank You, Will, for Listening

Mr. Hernandez from Indianapolis wrote to share his experience with us:

There is a lot I need to say, this is my personal experience with Bright House Networks.  I spoke to someone by the name of Will from Bright House Networks customer service in Indianapolis. Will was so supportive, helping me in every way he could. When the phone call dropped, he even called me back, which no one has done before! I knew he really cared about me, and I was amazed at how proud he was working for you. He put himself in my shoes and listened to me. Will went out of his way to help me not only stay with your company, but completely change the way I felt.

I love Bright House Networks!  I didn’t know how much one person could change me, but he did just that.

I’m writing this to show how much I appreciate Will and your company. I really hope whoever reads this understands how great of an employee you have working for Bright House Networks. He spoke to me with respect and care and I think he deserves acknowledgement for how great he was.

You have a loyal customer from here on out!

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Chris Berry
Chris Berry

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