Take Me Out to the Ball Park…So I Can Play Ball
Posted on: April 16, 2013
Take Me Out to the Ball Park…So I Can Play Ball

Players anxious to take the field at Northwest Little League rush through the gate to take their positions on the first day

Spring Means Youth Baseball in Bright House Networks Communities Around the Nation

As the “boys of summer” take the field April 1 to kick off the 2013 Major League Baseball season, thousands of boys and girls will have already become the “kids of spring” by playing organized youth baseball and softball on hundreds of community baseball fields in communities around the nation that are served by Bright House Networks.

More than 2 million boys and girls play Little League Baseball each year, and another 350,000 girls play in softball programs. That number dwarfs the 1,200 Major League Baseball players who play for the 30 MLB teams from September 1 through the rest of the season, when the rosters are at their fullest. Even though most youth players will never make the MLB, they develop a love for the sport that they carry with them for the rest of their lives.
It’s easy to understand why youth baseball and softball are so popular—the boys and girls love being part of a team, wearing the uniforms, playing in a league, and making memories through sports, game by game and season by season. And many of the parents who faithfully bring their kids to practices and games each week were once youth athletes themselves. They know the important life-lessons and character-building that result from playing at local ball fields.

In Bright House Networks communities in and around Orlando, Tampa, Birmingham, Detroit, Indianapolis and Bakersfield, the company goes to bat for the aspiring baseball and softball athletes by serving as a major sponsor, year after year. Many Bright House Networks employees are on the local team rosters, and the company supports youth baseball and softball leagues so kids who want to play, can play. One of the most unique programs sponsored by Bright House Networks is the Central Florida Bambino Buddy Ball league, which enables handicapped youth ages 5 to 20 to achieve their dream of participating in the sport they love. Bright House Networks and its subsidiary sports TV channel Bright House Sports Network financed the construction of Bright House Networks Buddy Ball Stadium in Altamonte Springs, FL, and in just two years the number of athletes has grown to more than sixty. The national Babe Ruth Baseball organization, which founded Bambino Buddy Ball, recommends the Central Florida facility as a prototype for other programs around the nation.

How did youth baseball or softball help shape your life?

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Brian Craven
Brian Craven

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