Super Bowl Food: The Big Game Changer
Posted on: February 03, 2012
Super Bowl Food: The Big Game Changer

Big Game Sunday is coming up… You are probably getting ready. If you are a Bright House Networks customer you’re covered on watching the game (kick-off is at 6:30 p.m. EST, live on NBC). But let’s talk about the most important part, and I’m not talking about the game or the commercials….I’m talking about the food. I have two recipes that are game changers, and you will be embarrassed to tell your friends how you made them since they are so easy.

First, is the world famous Buffalo Chicken Dip also known as BCD (photo above). I’ve never seen a dish cause mass hysteria like this. We had a party once where it looked like people were on a carousel. They wouldn’t even sit down before eating it and getting to the back of the line to get more. The BCD should be served with Fritos, but you could make it “healthy” and use celery.  Here’s the recipe.

The second is even easier. I like to tell people this is my “Grandmother’s famous recipe from Sweden” when I bring these meatballs or little smokies to someone’s party. People rave about them, try to guess the ingredients, and request more. I tell them I can’t sell out my beloved Mormor’s recipe! But just for you, here it is.

So now I am looking for you to give me your family’s tailgate or football party secrets. Do you have spinach dip that people love? How about a Cincinnati chili recipe that has to be made?

All I ask is that you don’t tell anyone where you got these recipes. I have a reputation to uphold!

Photo credit: Sing For Your Supper

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Brian Weber
Brian Weber

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  1. Ok, I’m coming to the Weber Grill at the Weber Barn for Super Bowl Sunday. I’ll bring my own recipe for Dr. Waddle’s Hot Cheese Spread. I’ll send that recipe over, but you also have to keep it a secret. Dr. Waddles gave it to my grandfather back in 1949 because he had no children. Dad passed it on to me in the 1970s. It’s to die for.

    • What do you put the Dr. Waddles spread on? I’m thinking Triscuits, Apples or possibly Pumpernickel bread?

  2. Thanks so much for sharing those yummy superbowl snack ideas. I am all about dispalying a variety of foods and these will be added to the table. I have a sweet tooth and I wanted to share a yummy treat that everyone needs to make…these are amazing….and yes people want seconds….

    and for those who are vegetarians, these are a must have but be sure to make the slaw and mayo too….


    • Those both sound great!

  3. BCD with Fritos or celery sounds amazing. My stomach is now rumbling after reading this.

    Although I don’t have a favorite dish that “brings all the people to the yard”, I can tell you what not to serve if you plan on inviting me and having enough for everyone. Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers filled with ooh-so-goood cream cheese! Getting hungry yet?

    With 200+ reviews and a Five Star rating, ranks this high on their list. Ten minutes to prep, ten to cook. See below for recipe.

    • Those look amazing. I’ve had them and didn’t know how easy they were to make… good share.

  4. Dr. Waddles Cheese spread is too thick to dip. We spread it onto Ritz Crackers and such. Dr Waddles was a well known Doctor here in Central Florida pre-World War II. and retired in the 1950s as I remember. His hot cheese was a mixture of all the cheeses he received as Christmas gifts from fellow Doctors and patients. If he gifted you, you received a small pint jar that would burn your tongue but was addictive as any snack food can be. The label would read, “Dr Waddles Cheese Spread” then the ingredients which read something like this:

    Four cups of Florida Branch Water
    Two cans of Cream of Bull Frog Soup
    One eye of a Lizard
    6 lbs of Government Cheese
    One Hot Buttered Manrang
    2 lbs of sifted Cat-Tail Flour
    Pinch of Bat Droppings
    Lake Apopka surface scum
    One Sour Orange

    Serve on Hard Tack or Crackers

    • I don’t think that is an accurate recipe. The handwriting must have deteriorated over time.

  5. Wow, I will definitely TCB with the BCD on Sunday! Thank you so much, heir to the Weber grill fortune!

    • It’s good stuff.

  6. Buy spinach dip from Costco. Put in in your own dish and tell everyone that you worked all day on it 😉
    Keep it healthy by bringing rice crackers.

  7. I have recipe which is great for Veggie and Spinach Lovers alike and a bit on the healthier side. Ina on the Food Network makes the most awesome spinach pies. Great finger food without all that guilt. Spanokopitas are a great Greek recipe that everyone will love.

    Hope you try them ! -Nick

  8. I make these dishes and may fib a bit wen they ask what my recipe is. Just a little.

    I make a spinach dip and serve with toasted French bread.

    1 box of frozen spinach thawed and drained
    1 jar of roasted red peppers chopped
    1 container of feta
    1 bar of cream cheese
    Mince 3 cloves of garlic

    Mix and chill for an hour.

    Salt/pepper to taste

    • Three spinach recipes in a row… So healthy. Still looking for Cincinnati Chili or maybe New Orleans Jumbalaya!

  9. I think I will by-pass the Dr Waddles cheese spread, but I think I might try one of the spinach dips for the game this weekend. I also want to try your Mormor’s recipe, she must have been a great cook.

    • Yes, she was ;), the recipe was a closely guarded secret until now.

  10. As far as I’m concerned, everything starts and ends with the BCD and fritos. To post any other recipe would be pointless because they all pale in comparison. I can’t even remember what spinach dip tastes like, because I demand the BCD for every occasion. If anyone has a problem with the BCD, they have a problem with me.

    • No sir…. no problems here….

  11. Equal time for vegetarians!

    We may like to watch the pigskins flying, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we want to be eating them on Super Bowl Sunday.

    I’ll admit, as someone who has been in marketing most of my life, I’m one of those people who is totally obsessed with watching the Super Bowl, specifically for the commercials! (Be sure to stay tuned to catch the premiere of the Bright House Networks newest commercial on WFLA at 7:58p as well as on WESH towards the end of the 3rd quarter and near the end of the post-game show!)

    These last few years, it’s been so exciting to see how companies reach people, whether through clever and creative ads on TV and radio, or now with online streaming videos, rich media, viral videos and social media messaging. I’m watching it all on my big screen TV, or my tiny tablet, on my phone, wherever I have access to a screen. So, for me, about the best day of the year is Super Bowl Sunday, when the best of the best of commercials for everything from food, beer, cars, cable(!) and anything you can imagine are on display for the entire world to see!

    So, for my friends who are over that day, who are actually there for the game, I have the usual suspects – pulled chicken with herbal vinaigrette in campari tomato boats, margarita meatballs, turkey, bacon & brie on brioche…you know, football fare. But for my friends who, like me, talk over the plays and shush people during the breaks, I pull out all the stops with my avocado & pine nut crostinis, or sundried artichoke whole wheat pizza, green leaf lettuce wraps with soy bacon crumbles and a drizzle of basil aoli or, major yum, sesame ginger fried tempah bites with scallion and hoisin dipping sauce.

    But whether we’re there for the commercials or for the game, and argue over which is better and who’s winning, we do all agree on desserts!

    • Glynne…. we’ve worked together for a few years now… where is my invite?

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