Service With Great Patience and Kindness
Posted on: October 12, 2012
Service With Great Patience and Kindness

Editor’s Note: Your stories help us serve our customers better, and we love to hear from you! Here’s a story we received from a very happy customer in Viera, Florida:

Hello Friend! It’s really not just a slogan, it’s definitely your way of doing business. It is after 11 PM and I had to stay awake long enough to type this to tell you about your exceptional employee, Jose.

I have had a connectivity/compatibility issues with a VoIP phone that I purchased for my home office. After discussing my options with my VoIP provider on numerous occasions to no avail, I was advised to pick up an additional router, install it myself, then contact my Internet provider (you fine folks) This is where Jose comes in. It took close to an hour on the phone of moving Ethernet cables, rebooting, resetting, re-configuring, rebooting again and resetting again.

Jose refused to give up on the problem and pass it off to a service call. He stuck in there when I was confused and didn’t know what cable to plug in and was ready to punt my router into the retention pond. Jose walked me through and trouble shot every single aspect of the process with great patience and kindness, asking me how my day was and then quietly listening as I told him of the many attempts to get this phone to work with the new router.

He went above and beyond that to make sure that we had every computer in the house on the right network, functioning properly…even my son’s iPhone. I remember watching Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch” and thinking to myself, I will never ever complain about the price of crab again. Jose never rushed me, he was courteous and tenacious in getting the mission accomplished. If every one of your customers gets this kind of personal attention, then kudos, you have a customer in me for life, and a new friend to boot.

Jose was knowledgeable not just about your products, but about the router I installed as well. He went over all the settings to make sure we were all good to go with that equipment as well. He is an exceptional asset to Bright House and your customers, including me. I hope you appreciate him as much as I do.

Warm Regards.

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Chris Berry
Chris Berry

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