NFL Network and NFL RedZone on Bright House Networks
Posted on: September 23, 2012
NFL Network and NFL RedZone on Bright House Networks

Are you ready for some NFL Network on Bright House Networks?

In case you missed it, we announced on Friday that beginning potentially as soon as today, Sunday, September 23, with full launch by Thursday, September 27, the NFL Network and NFL RedZone will be available on our lineup of sports programming.

The NFL Network will be available to customers at no additional cost in both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) to Bright House Networks’ Digital customers in all markets.  NFL Network’s RedZone will be offered in both SD and HD on Sports Pass in all markets where Sports Pass is offered.

Below are the channel numbers:

NFL Network SD/Digital Service

  • Tampa 183
  • Central Florida 201
  • Bakersfield 116
  • Birmingham 169
  • Detroit 160
  • Indianapolis 175

NFL Network SD/Sports Pass

  • Tampa 825
  • Central Florida 201
  • Bakersfield 116
  • Birmingham 577
  • Detroit 576
  • Indianapolis 429

NFL Network HD/Digital Service and Sports Pass

  • Central Florida and Tampa 1145
  • Bakersfield 1116
  • Birmingham 578
  • Detroit 360/676
  • Indianapolis 875

NFL RedZone SD/Sports Pass

  • Tampa 826
  • Central Florida 202
  • Bakersfield 117
  • Birmingham 579
  • Detroit 577
  • Indianapolis 448

NFL RedZone HD/Sports Pass

  • Central Florida and Tampa 1146
  • Bakersfield 1117
  • Birmingham 580
  • Detroit 677
  • Indianapolis 868

Here’s a bit more about what’s on the NFL Network..The NFL Network features thirteen regular season NFL football games during primetime on Thursday nights during the 2012 season; there are 11 games remaining this season. Each NFL Network game telecast will feature a live, two-hour pregame show, and a one-hour postgame show will wrap up the action with interviews, highlights and press conferences. NFL Network also airs top-rated weekly series, including NFL Total Access, NFL Top 10, and America’s Game, as well as Arena Football Friday.

What about NFL RedZone? NFL Network’s RedZone airs every Sunday, and features every touchdown from every game during the NFL season, plus highlights and commentary live in HD.

You can check out the official announcement in full here.

Share your favorite team below and tell us what you think about watching them on NFL Network.

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Lorelie Johnson
Lorelie Johnson

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  1. Im almost a year late to the party, but thanks for the post. Was randomly trying to remember what station the NFL channel was on and came across it.

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