NFL Network – Jaguars Take on the Colts
Posted on: November 08, 2012
NFL Network – Jaguars Take on the Colts

Did you know that YOUR Indianapolis Colts are playing YOUR Jacksonville Jaguars this week? Depending on where you are in our service area that may be true. This clash of football Titans (no, not the Tennessee Titans – that’s a different clash altogether) kicks off at 8:20 PM ET tonight.

The Colts are a somewhat surprising 5-3, being led by rookie Andrew Luck, and the Jags are 1-7 being led by owner Shiad Khan’s mustache. If you saw Khan on 60 minutes a few weeks ago, he actually seems like an impressive guy, and I am sure better things are ahead for the Jags. I actually was a little pumped to hear that Tim Tebow may be heading to Jacksonville, but no… dreams crushed yet again. The season with the Broncos was too interesting last year for him to be wasting away as Mark Sanchez’ water boy. Jacksonville really seems to like Blaine Gabbert. Every time I hear the name, Blaine, I think of Andrew McCarthy’s character in “Sixteen Candles”… or was it “Pretty in Pink”? I don’t remember.

Here are some good guys to think about picking up this week, as bye weeks are drawing to an end.

Marcel Reece (RB-OAK) Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson appear dinged up… may be worth a pick up.

T.Y. Hilton (WR – Ind) This rookie is a gamechanger. I remember watching him shred teams in college. Luck seems to like him as well, so what are you waiting for?

Beanie Wells (RB-Ari) I spoke to someone who said on Twitter that there is “no Doubt” that Beanie will play in two weeks. I spoke to someone also that told me last year Terrell Owens was in Cincinnati on fantasy draft day with Carson Palmer just waiting to sign.

Enjoy the Thursday night game and good luck to your fantasy team. I’ve moved to 5-4 in my league and take on my buddy Matt from Colorado. His team is a mess, but so is mine. All I am hoping for is a spot in the playoffs, because from there anything can happen.

Are there any sleepers you are seeing that I’m not?

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Brian Weber
Brian Weber

(8) Readers Comments
  1. Who would win in a standoff against one another, Shiad Khan’s mustache or Troy Polamalu’s hair?

    • If I had a dollar for everytime someone asked that question.

  2. Really weird that I never saw Shiad Kahn and Geraldo Rivera together in the same room. hmmmm….

    • Only in Al Capone’s vault. (see Geraldo special 1986 if you don’t get the reference)

  3. Hey Brian – Good post. I’m so looking forward to the game tonight!

    Oh and regarding your John Hughes film reference – Every time I hear the name, Blaine, I think of Andrew McCarthy’s character in “Sixteen Candles”… or was it “Pretty in Pink”? I don’t remember.

    It was “Pretty In Pink” and the quote from Duckie regarding Andrew McCathy’s character was – “His name is Blaine? That’s not a name it’s a major appliance!” One of my all time favorite movies ever!

  4. Blaine is a fine name. I renamed myself Blaine in 1993.

  5. Everytime I hear duckie I think of “What’s a happening hot stuff”. LOL.

    • I think Gedde Watanabe was robbed for the oscar that year.

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