NFL Network – Dolphins Take on the Bills
Posted on: November 14, 2012
NFL Network – Dolphins Take on the Bills

This week’s Thursday night game brings many of our Miami Dolphin’s versus my neighbors and several co-workers Buffalo Jills (err… Bills). Actually we have friends in Syracuse, NY, which is only about 150 miles from Buffalo, so I guess I shouldn’t say anything too bad.  Miami is going to bounce back from the traumatic loss last week. Ryan Tannehill will redeem himself and reclaim his spot as the potential best Dolphin QB ever (besides Dan Marino and Bob Griese). In fact, did you know that he is already #20 on the all-time Dolphin TD pass list? He is only three behind Cleo Lemon and one more than Craig Erickson, Dick Wood and Ray Lucas! Jay Fiedler currently has a pretty firm grip on the #3 spot, but we hope Tannehill can get there one day.

This was a rough fantasy weekend for me. I did get the win to move to 6-4, but Yahoo! made my life as the commissioner of the greatest fantasy league on earth a difficult one. It all began at around noon on Sunday when their site started timing out. Text messages started pouring in from all of the league from owners who had game time decisions. There was pleading for me, the commissioner, to fix the Yahoo! Servers and return some normalcy to the Eric Hipple Fantasy League, but alas, even after 13 years with Yahoo!, last minute decisions weren’t able to be made. Throughout the day there was no racing to the computer to try and pick up the third string RB for San Francisco when Frank Gore got a hang nail. We are a 14 team league, the waiver wire gets very thin, we also don’t put any waiver on the free agents, it is first come first serve. This actually was a lot more stressful back in the late 90’s when many members of the league were still on dial-up, so the time it took to dial up and connect was often enough to cause you to be too late to pick up the backup for Curtis Martin when he got hurt, those with broadband had a distinct advantage.

This week I play my cousin, Scott Bakula. That’s not his real last name, but that’s what everyone calls him, so let’s go with it. We made a huge trade a few weeks ago, I sent Alfred Morris to him in return for Andre Johnson. Bakula and I have been getting a lot of grief for trading, people calling us traitors and wishing bad voodoo on us. Does everyone have trouble trading in their leagues?

On to the pickups of the week, I’ve been given some pretty good sleepers the last few weeks, Cecil Shorts is a starter in almost any league now, and T.Y. Hilton will have a better game this week.

Here are some more:

  • Cincinnati (Cin-DEF) is only owned in 21% of leagues. Cincy plays Kansas City this week, who was able to get their first lead of the season, congrats!?
  • Greg Olsen (Car-TE) is only owned in 59% of leagues, you should get him if available.
  • Donald Jones (BUF-WR) is owned in 9% of leagues. He’s had 3 decent games in a row.
  • Danario Alexander (SD-WR) Only 5% ownership. Danario had 5 catches for 134 yards and a TD last week. He’s a risk, but if you have a spot, he’s worth a look. He is not to be confused with Derrick Alexander, who played for Minnesota back in 2002, who my old boss thought would be really good, because they’d have to double team Moss. He picked him in the second round! He was terribly wrong, and neither he nor Derrick Alexander ever played fantasy football in our league again.

Who am I missing?

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Brian Weber
Brian Weber

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  1. I really couldn’t believe how much madness Yahoo Sports being out caused. My husband was completely losing his mind about it. In regards to your question about sleepers- I’ve got nothing.

  2. Bring it on Miami. I think the Bills have the fight in them!

    • Oh they’re bringing it. I’m with you Brian – “Miami is going to bounce back from the traumatic loss last week. Ryan Tannehill will redeem himself…”

    • No Fred Jackson should mean no win for Buffalo

  3. Wow I hadn’t even thought about how fantasy leagues have changed in some ways purely because of the kind of internet connection people have now compared to dial-up days. Reminds me of the huge CD bins you’d see as you walk into a Food Lion with hundreds of ‘400 FREE Minutes’ for AOL lol.

    So what’s the story behind why your cousin is called by that last name? Was he a Quantum Leap fan too?? I used to be serious about that show. Like really serious. Only in grade school at the time, I can remember being fascinated episode after episode. I didn’t know many others who watched it though. I mean I obviously watched all the usual cartoons, TMNT, TailSpin, Ducktales, Captain Planet, but my friends were definitely not into QL lol. Oh the nostalgia is setting in now! All because you had to bring up your cousin Scott Bakula. Now I’m thinking in my head what TV channel might be airing reruns still. I think I last saw them on Sci-Fi, excuse me, SyFy now. lol

  4. The trade sounds fishy with you being related and all. Morris the Cat for Andre Johnson?

  5. Scott Chandler TE- 36% owned. He will not give anyone decent yards on a week by week but Fitzpatrick has no one to really throw to. A quick pass or easy slant to this boy while he happens to be near or in the end zone is a high probability. Thank goodness my bi’s are pretty much done. Fantasy Domination begins NOW!!! Good luck to you 😉

    Ooo…as far as the trade….Johnson is a BEAST and on a team i hope to see in the Superbowl (against my GMEN) this year. Although the trade sounds crazy, it’s really not bad. He’s on a team that will rely on him. His yards may not be comparable to what lovely Andrea can put up but…he’s a rookie…let’s not discount our rookies. We can nag all day about how crappy his team is but he’s showing potential and we can only anticipate more play time. His yards are not horrible and i think this boy has tons of potential to really make a name for himself. It’s a matter if he’ll have the focus to do so or not. I wouldn’t have done it…well…depends on how the rest of my roster looked….

    Back to work 😉

    • Good call on Chandler, he was next on my list. Especially in leagues that require a TE.

  6. Pardon my lack to proof read…i mean i would’ve kept Morris….

  7. Mascotte 2 time EHFL champion does wish bad karma on that trade.

    • Not cool. Helps both teams. Best trade since Emmitt Smith for Joey Galloway.

  8. I like the trade because it helps both teams. Rayanne made a great point- “depends on how the rest of my roster looked.” If you have 3 starting RBs, and can only start 2, and the bye weeks are over, why not trade him for someone you can actually use? That being said, has Andre Johnson done anything this year? I think Owen Daniels has better numbers across the board.

    Duck Tales was a great cartoon, but I go even further back to classics like He-Man & the Masters of the Universe, Thunder Cats, and Voltron. And at the risk of being called a sissy, Jem was really underrated. Truly truly truly outrageous.

  9. @Brian: Any chance you recall which game it was where Emmitt had that awesome touchdown (vague I know lol) and basically he’s jumping completely over like 5 or 6 people and he’s tackled from underneath and is sort of spun upside down where he eventually lands in the end zone on his back/shoulders?

    @Jason: I was actually contemplating including Jems but decided against it. I should have been brave like you! haha. Oh yes, I remember He-Man. I used to have TWO of the green tiger toys that I’d fight against each other. Sadly in the end neither of them had any teeth left. At one point Conan was right before/after during reruns. Now you’ve got me going. How about, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Beetlejuice, The Centurions, Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers, Ghostbusters, Jetsons (I have VHS tapes somewhere), Smurfs. Thunder Cats was awesome of course. Yeah… I didn’t watch much Saturday morning TV growing up.. -_- lol I think a remake or an overseas version was made but I don’t recall if I saw that or maybe just didn’t like it so I didn’t watch it.

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