NFL Network – Broncos Take on the Raiders
Posted on: December 06, 2012
NFL Network – Broncos Take on the Raiders

The first week of fantasy football playoffs kick off with Thursday nights 8:20 PM ET matchup of the Denver Broncos (9-3) at Oakland Raiders (3-9). Many of you may look at this game and think, wow Denver is going to win easily. You’re right, Oakland is a mess. BUT… from a Fantasy perspective, there is some interesting turn of events. Marcel Reese may have saved many of you the past few weeks, but Darren McFadden returns and that could be a problem. McFadden was likely a high pick in your league and the chances that a team that selected him are actually in the fantasy playoffs are slim, but if that’s the case, then congrats on getting him back.

Personally, I finished the regular season 8-5, and am the 5th seed going into week one of the playoffs. In fantasy football it takes skill to make the playoffs, from there it is basically luck. At this point your roster is likely set, but if not here is a guy you may want to look at:

Montell Owens (RB-Jax) Yes, THAT Montell Owens has a great matchup with the Jets. I say “This is how we do it” as I am planning to start him over my second round pick Ryan Mathews. There has been a long history of great performances by less than household name running backs in the playoffs, and this could be another.

Will he join the pantheon of Fantasy Football legends like Chris Fuamatu-Ma’afala, Mewelde Moore, Jamel White, Samkon Gadko and Najaeh Davenport as some of the great fill in’s in fantasy history? Do you have any stories of last minute fill-ins who saved your season?

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Brian Weber
Brian Weber

(4) Readers Comments
  1. I like it.

    The Cleveland Browns version of Jamal Lewis won me a fantasy championship.

    That being said – this is the best Rance team I have seen since 2001.

    Very intense. I see meltdowns coming.

    • I hope so… I am betting a lot on the third most famous Montell that I know.

  2. I like his column! Thanks for getting it out there.

  3. Great article dad! By the way the broncos won!!!

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