Making A Difference in the Community By Helping Rabbits Find Forever Homes
Posted on: April 29, 2013
Making A Difference in the Community By Helping Rabbits Find Forever Homes

April is National Volunteer Month and as we close it out, we want to recognize our employees and their local involvement in the community.

Through the Bright House Networks Community Service Day program, employees make a difference by volunteering their time at afterschool programs, public schools, arts and cultural, civic, environmental and community service organizations. The program enables employees to volunteer their time during work hours.

Mary’s personal rabbit, Pogo. Pogo is a real IHRS success story and a great example of what IHRS does. His injured foot and leg had to be amputated, but fortunately the missing leg did not stop him from being adopted and enjoying his life!

In Indianapolis, we are pleased to recognize Bright House Networks’ Customer Care Technical Support Supervisor Mary Chaille, who volunteers for the Indiana House Rabbit Society (IHRS), a not for profit rescue and education group whose sole focus is on rabbits.  Recently, Mary was able to use her Community Service Day to appear as the group’s spokesperson on Indy Style, and PetPals TV, two local Indianapolis television shows.

Mary first became involved with rabbits when she bought a baby rabbit and soon realized what a commitment they are, how expensive their health care is, and what awesome companions they are.  She started volunteering with IHRS as a way to learn more about rabbits and to foster adoptable rabbits.

IHRS educates people about what it means to own a rabbit, and also supports any rabbit owner, regardless of where they got the rabbit, by helping them with behavior issues, helping them find a friend for their rabbit, providing information about local rabbit savvy veterinarians and more.  The organization commits to every rabbit they rescue for life and supplies vet care, medication, food, and housing for all the rabbits that they take in.  All of IHRS’ adoptable rabbits live in a foster home and receive socialization until they are adopted, which helps match prospective adopters with the right rabbit.  Recently, IHRS took in 11 rabbits from a horrific situation at a local farm in Summitville, Indiana, which was found to have close to 200 different types of dead animals on it.  IHRS also helps chapters in other states with similar large seizure cases.  All of IHRS’ funding comes from donations and fundraising events.

According to Mary, “What many people don’t know is that rabbits are now the third most popular pet, and unfortunately that means they are the third most abandoned or surrendered pet.  Most local animal control departments do not have an adoption program for rabbits.  If a local rescue group cannot take rabbits surrendered to them, the rabbits are euthanized.  Rabbits can easily live 10-12 years and should be spayed or neutered. They love to play and yes, they will use a litter box!”

More information is available online at

What organizations do you volunteer with in your community?

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Courtney Gilles

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