Keeping Your House a Bright House
Posted on: September 07, 2012
Keeping Your House a Bright House

Editor’s Note: Your stories help us serve our customers better, and we love to hear from you! From time to time, we’ll feature stories or letters you have shared that highlight our commitment to outstanding service. We look forward to hearing how we may have helped make your day brighter.

It goes without saying that communication and information are key to all of us during inclement weather. Lightning during the afternoon rain storms can sometimes become a concern.

A customer from Palm Bay, Florida wrote us to say:

Our house got hit by lightning and completely burned out our phone lines and cable. Within hours, the first tech arrived and got temporary phone service and access to our cable. The following day they responded and replaced all the phone lines and cable lines and, with a few bumps here and there, everything is up and running. I realize that other people read these blogs and also hope people understand how the service techs go above and beyond for the customer. My hat’s off to Greg for the great help on the day the lightning hit. Again I can’t thank them enough for the service that was provided.

A Melbourne Beach, Florida couple shared a similar experience:

A recent lightning storm knocked out our cable service. We called Bright House Networks and they scheduled a service man for the following day. Kyle arrived, right on schedule. He came to the front door, was extremely polite, and after checking everything he explained what he would have to do. The underground service line was damaged and had to be replaced. He quickly ran a new line, and also replaced the modem and several other items. We were very pleased and impressed with how polite, professional, and competent Kyle was. Thank you Kyle and Bright House Networks!

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Chris Berry
Chris Berry

(1) Reader Comment
  1. I just want to express my deepest appreciation for the exceptional service I received today from your technician who provided an in-house service at my home.

    He introduced himself when he arrived, but unfortunately, I have forgotten his name. I’m sure your records will disclose the technician to whom I’m referring. He was extremely courtuous, extremely patient and extremely helpful. A worker like him is your perfect advertisement. You DO NOT WANT TO LOSE THIS EMPLOYEE.

    Incidentally, I met him only today, and apart from telling him thanks, he has no idea that I’d be submitting this review. If there’s any way you can express my appreciation to him, I’d appreciate your doing so.

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