It’s All About Tournaments
Posted on: March 04, 2013
It’s All About Tournaments

That’s right. Golf Channel has your tournaments.

Launched by the legendary Arnold Palmer, no one covers golf like Golf Channel.

The Golf Channel celebrates its 18th anniversary by continuing to be the home of all the major tours from around the world. What could more impressive than that? Golf Channel televises more live golf coverage than all other networks combined. Yes, that’s combined.

The fastest growing network on cable television is the exclusive cable home of the PGA TOUR and has been the exclusive home to the European Tour on cable since its launch in 1995.

But that’s not all, Golf Channel also is the home of the LPGA, Champions and Tours.

And what about those PGA TOUR events televised on NBC and CBS? Well, you won’t need to cancel your afternoon tee times. After spending your weekends on the golf course, watch a special encore of NBC and CBS’ network coverage on Golf Channel on demand.

Plus there are even more tournaments coming to Golf Channel. College Golf. Coverage of the Men’s Golf Championships begins in 2014 followed by Women’s & Men’s Golf Championships in 2015.

Turn on. Tune in. Tee off. There’s always a tournament on Golf Channel.

Al Batross
Al Batross

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  1. Open golf tournaments, such as the U.S. Open, are held to try and give amateurs the chance to break into the field of professional golf. Golfers participate in a series of smaller tournaments to qualify for the Open where they proceed to the big tournament where they compete against professionals. The last amateur to win a U.S. Open was back in 1933.

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