Hernando Computer Club Welcomes BHNtechXpert
Posted on: September 09, 2013
Hernando Computer Club Welcomes BHNtechXpert

Last month I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker for the Hernando Computer Club. The club has more than 800 members and is one of the largest and most active clubs in Florida. Nearly 150 were in attendance to learn more about “The Perils and Pleasures of Wireless Home Networking.” I presented a brief overview on the importance of a router for every broadband connection and discussed as well as answered many questions about wireless home networking.

Overall, the information was well received and the feedback was excellent, including the following from the club’s Program Director Royal Conkle:

“Thanks for being there and special thanks for the entertaining evening.  We know a good speaker when we hear one and the response spoke louder than ever I could.  You were a HIT!”

I enjoyed making new friends and am honored to have received an invitation to come back and participate in a monthly round table tech discussion with the membership. I look forward to seeing everyone and sharing information that I hope they will find helpful.

Special thanks again to the Hernando Computer Club for the warm welcome and for inviting me back to continue the conversation about one of my favorite topics – technology.

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Gary Doda (BHNtechXpert)
Gary Doda (BHNtechXpert)

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