Hand Deliver Flowers or Have Them Delivered?
Posted on: February 12, 2014
Hand Deliver Flowers or Have Them Delivered?

There has been much debate in our office about the best way to deliver flowers to your loved one on Valentine’s day. My personal opinion is that the only way to truly show my wife I love her, is to spend five times the norm and have a big bouquet of flowers delivered to her office. It hurts me so bad to spend all of that money, she knows I must really love her.

My genius thought was to get with people in the office and buy flowers from like Publix or your local grocery store chain and we’d all dress up as delivery men and deliver flowers to one another’s significant others, saving money but still having them delivered.

I was shocked to hear the responses to my ingenious plan. Several others here say that’s not romantic, and the ONLY way is to go to a florist (or to a grocery store) and buy flowers and hand deliver them. To me this seems like the worst idea I’ve ever heard, because if I did that, my wife would think I would only be doing that to save money.

My colleague Donald Forbes said “It shows the person to whom is receiving that your token of love and devotion means more and comes from the heart.”

What do you think?

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Brian Weber
Brian Weber

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  1. You are correct in your assumptions- unless you were picking me up for a valentines lunch!

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