Fall TV Premieres: DVR, On Demand or Live?
Posted on: September 27, 2012
Fall TV Premieres: DVR, On Demand or Live?

This is the best time of year for TV…the summer shows are winding down, the Emmys have crowned last year’s kings and the new shows hit the schedule for the first time. I’ve been waiting all summer to catch the first episodes of Go On, The Mindy Project, Elementary, The New Normal and Nashville. On the returning schedule, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the return of Gossip Girl, Glee, The Vampire Diaries and to some extent, The Walking Dead and American Horror Story (I’m hoping for stronger, less predictable writing this season!). And the Emmys have inspired me to check out Homeland before the season two premiere (Hello, Showtime on Demand!).

By this week, the fall premieres are about halfway done and the great debate begins anew: which shows do you watch live, which do you DVR and which go on the chopping block?  Tuesday night was a great example of the dilemma. I wanted to watch the Dance Moms reunion (don’t judge me), All the Right Moves, The Voice, Go On, The New Normal and The Mindy Project…all in the same two hours! I could record two shows at once on the DVR, but what about the leftovers?

Luckily, between my DVR and Primetime on Demand, I had some options for “creative scheduling.” (NOTE: Bright House Networks Digital customers have access to Primetime on Demand, which lets you watch the major networks’ primetime shows On Demand.) Since I like to watch talent shows live (or at least same day), I decided to record The Voice, Dance Moms (it’s such a guilty pleasure, I didn’t want to wait for it either!), All the Right Moves, Go On and The New Normal, and then catch The Mindy Project later with Primetime on Demand.

Alternatively, I could have watched the cable network shows later with Entertainment on Demand, another On Demand channel available to our Digital customers that gives you access to episodes of your favorite shows on your schedule. It’s so nice to have options! You can check ontv.brighthouse.com for all of our On Demand programming.

First impressions of the season?

  1. The Voice is superior to The X Factor. I admit, I tuned in early to see Britney back in the spotlight, but I just can’t take the trainwreck auditions. I’ll take the blind auditions & the chemistry of the Voice judges over the spectacle of the X Factor.
  2. Do I love seeing Matthew Perry back on NBC? Yes. Do I still wish it were as Matt Albie? A resounding yes. Hoping Go On grows on me.
  3. I’m really excited to see life go on at McKinley High (Glee)…and not completely sold on splitting time between Ohio & NYC. I like the new kids in the choir room already, but like many other fans, I may spend the season pining for the Kurt/Rachel spinoff that didn’t happen.
  4. Of all the new shows on the schedule, I have the highests hopes for The Mindy Project. I was able to watch the pilot yesterday evening and thought it was very funny. Can’t wait to see how the season develops.

What TV premieres are you most looking forward to? How do you decide what to watch, what to record and when to finally give up on a show?

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Nicole LaNeve
Nicole LaNeve

(4) Readers Comments
  1. I really want to see the new age Sherlock Holmes TV show “Elementary”, and I read that Lucy Liu is a star on the show. I love mystery shows and detective series; I get tired of watching shows like “Law & Order” and “CSI”, because they all have the same story line or plots. I hope the writers were original with their ideas when they wrote this new TV series, so it holds my attention. My DVR is already set to record all of my prime time shows.

    • I’ve still got Elementary on my DVR – my fingers are also crossed that it’s fresh & original! Thanks for reading House2House!

  2. I am not a big fan of reality TV or singing/talent shows, but I do have to agree with you about Matthew Perry. I’m really most excited about all new episodes of Castle, Supernatural, HIMYM, Parks & Rec and Fringe.

    For those with DVRs (especially multiple units) I created a handy guide for programming all of your Fall TV shows to record. Hope you enjoy! – http://j.mp/2012DVRGuide

    • Nice guide, Chris – I can tell you love TV! Thanks for reading House2House!

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