Education to Advance a Community
Posted on: October 07, 2013
Education to Advance a Community

Volunteering to promote the advancement of our community has been primordial in my 14 year career in Central Florida. Approximately seven years ago I was introduced to the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA), after learning about their mission and vision I decided to become a member and become part of the change in the Hispanic Community in Central Florida.

My decision seven years ago embarked me on a journey of learning…learning about me, learning about my community, learning about Hispanics around the US…and I learned that the only way to advance our community is through education.

Now, let me tell my personal story…

In 2006 I became a member of NSHMBA. Associating with smart individuals seemed to be a no brainer. As I learned more and more about the people in the organization I was motivated to work as a volunteer at the local Orlando chapter. After serving 2 years, I was elected chapter president and was blessed to have had a great team of local board members and in 2008 we were honored to place third in the “Chapter of the Year Award” – out of 32 chapters in the nation.  Let me add that at that time there were no chapter tiers, all chapters competed for the top prize regardless of the chapter’s size.

A year later, I saw the opportunity to bring the “Hispanic Healthcare Summit” to Central Florida. So, after making a trip to Cleveland and talking to the National Board of Directors about our great Central Florida and “Medical City” the decision was made – Orlando was going to be the site for the 2nd Annual Hispanic Healthcare Summit.

Later, under the same CEO (Manny Gonzalez) I was given the opportunity to serve the organization at the national level as “Advisor to the CEO.” By that time (2012) Orlando, Florida was going to be the site of the NSHMBA Annual Conference. I am happy to say that I was part of the team that put together the “Power of the Hispanic Market” – forum that showcased the power of the Hispanic market in business and politics across the US.  Bright House Networks was an integral part of making the “Power of the Hispanic Market Forum” a success through our media partners.

During the fall of 2012, I was elected to be part of the National Board of Directors of NSHMBA. The opportunity and responsibility has grown, now I will develop the strategy for the future of the organization that gave me the opportunity to grow personally, professionally and strategically.

This year NSHMBA celebrates its 25th anniversary and I would like to invite each and every one of you to take a moment and learn about us. I assure you, what we do will be of your interest and you can become part of changing the future of our community by becoming a member.

About the author: Julio L. Rocha is a Principal – Senior Agent at Rocha Financial and a member of the NSHMBA and Brilliante award winner.

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Julio Rocha
Julio Rocha

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