Echo In Your Home
Posted on: July 30, 2014
Echo In Your Home

Enhance Your Internet Experience Throughout Your Home with Echo

Now customers in our Central Florida and Tampa service areas can enjoy their Internet experience even more on both their wired and wireless devices throughout their home with Echo, our new ultimate home networking solution. Echo enables you to maximize your Internet experience anywhere in and around your house by expanding your network and eliminating WiFi dead zones.

Echo is designed to provide a more consistent bandwidth for gaming, streaming and multiple devices on your wired networks, and deliver a blanket of WiFi for mobile devices, which provides a stronger wireless signal away from your main modem. Echo turns your existing coaxial cable network into the equivalent of an Ethernet network.

The new service consists of: an Advanced Wireless Gateway 2.0 Echo Modem that delivers increased range and signal; and access points with a WiFi antennae and wired Ethernet ports allowing you to connect devices such as smart TVs, video game systems or desktop computers directly to the Internet.

More information is available on our new Echo Home Networking Solution at

Lorelie Johnson
Lorelie Johnson

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