Do You Know What’s Awesome?
Posted on: March 22, 2013
Do You Know What’s Awesome?

…Bright House Networks!

They sponsor MLB baseball teams & Little League Teams.

Bright House Networks helps sponsor our league to buy uniforms and equipment and pay for kids who couldn’t afford to play. They sponsored when I played College Park Baseball which is now called Orlando Babe Ruth & now for Maitland Little League since we moved. I heard they sponsor a lot of other leagues also. The coolest was when they helped us pay for our all-star jerseys at College Park! Me and some of my teammates even made it on the Bright House Networks website!

Bright House is so awesome because they also sponsor teams stadiums. I have been to the Washington Nationals Spring Training Stadium in Viera, Detroit Tigers in Lakeland, The Tampa Bay Rays MLB Stadium and The Stetson Hatters Stadium for College. I’ve also been to the Atlanta Braves Spring Training Stadium by Disney.

I’ve never been to a Yankees Spring Training game in Tampa or a Phillies Spring Training game in Clearwater, but someday, I would like to go there. Those stadiums also have been sponsored by Bright House Networks.

I’ve been to the Texas Rangers Stadium and the Toledo Mud Hens MILB Minor League Baseball Triple-A, but they’re not sponsored by Bright House Networks, they’re sponsored by banks I think.

I like watching baseball on TV too, and hope my dad will get me MLB extra innings.

I love to watch the Detroit Tigers Play, my Dad is from near there and they are his favorite team. Some of my favorite players are Alex Avila #13, Justin Verlander #35, Miguel Cabrera #24 from the Detroit Tigers. I like Bryce Harper #34 & Stephen Strausburg #37 from the Washington Nationals. I like Evan Longoria #3 and David Price #14 on the Tampa Bay Rays, but we don’t need MLB extra innings for the Rays we get those games on Fox Sports.

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  1. You have been to so many baseball parks- that’s really great! Which one do you hope to go to next?

    • I hope to go to the Detroit Tigers Stadium.
      Thank You Jon!

  2. That was awesome of Bright House!! And I see many Yankees & Phillies spring training trips in weekends in your near future!

    • I hope to.
      I wanna see the Yankees .vs. Tigers.
      And for the Phillies .vs. Cardinals.
      Thank You JESSICA C

  3. Very cool Colin! I hope you have a amazing season!

    • Thank You TONYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I hope I have a good season to!

  4. Great job Colin. You certainly have been to a lot of stadiums. I hope your dad takes you to the ones in Tampa soon. 🙂

    • I have been to the ones in Tampa!
      Thank You LISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Another great post, Colin! I enjoyed reading your last one and I’m so glad to see you’re back at it! I, too, am excited for baseball season and Bright House sounds like a terrific organization! You’re a fantastic writer – keep up the great work!

    • Thank You Ashley C.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I’m happy that I’m back at it to!

  6. Well written! Bright House should hire you for their next commercial! 🙂

    • Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:
      I think they should hire me for there next commercial to!

  7. Colin,

    I agree, that is awesome! It’s great when companies like Bright House get involved in supporting the community. Many of my friends love to play baseball, you probably know some of them! One of those guys looks like my buddy Will. Thanks for posting this, Colin! Keep up the good work.

    – Griff

    • Thanks G-Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      See you tommorow at school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Very well done, Colin! You have been to many places and it is nice that Bright House sponsors so many of them. Keep up the blogs, you may have a carreer in writing if you decide to not become The Greatest Baseball Player EVER.

    • Thank You Grammy!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:
      I hope to be a great baseball player to!!!!!

  9. Love that you’re into Baseball like you are! & It seems like you you like going to different stadiums. I’m a Cubs fan myself & love going to games.

    I hope someday you can go to a spring training game. I went to a Cubs Spring Training Game in Az years ago & was quite fun!

    Bright House Network sounds like a great sponsor for children.

    • Thank You BRITTANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I think the Cubs might have a good season this year!

  10. Hi Colon, wow this is impressive. Perhaps you are on your way to being a sports writer/reporter early!!! Keep it up!!!
    <3 mrs g

    • Thanks Mrs.G!!!!!!!!!!!
      I hope you become a teacher again!!!!
      And leave that crazy duck AKA Aflac. (:

  11. Great post Colin! That’s awesome that you have had a chance to go to all those games! I hope you get MLB Extra Innings so you can watch all those games with your Dad… (and Mom) 🙂

    • Thank You Aric.V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:
      I hope I get 9 innings too!

  12. Colin,
    You are correct. Brighthouse is awesome and extremely generous with their efforts in supporting our youth. There is nothing more important than being involved in community and youth sports, which is the future of untold numbers of kids including the underprivileged. Thanks for sharing this article! You are an extremely talented young man, on and off the field!!

    • Thanks Coach Heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      You are such a great baseball coach & you help us become better baseball players! (:

  13. Great job, Colin!!! You’re an awesome writer already!

    • Thank You JUDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Way to go Colin! Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Colin, I have a feeling you might be the next great sports-caster. Keep it up, I enjoy reading your segments!

  16. colin, great article. keep up your love for baseball! alex l.

    • Thank You ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:

  17. Nice article Colin. Thanks for taking the time to express your gratitude!

    • Thank You Jim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:

  18. Colin, I had no idea that Bright House sponsors so many stadiums. And it’s great that Bright House helps your team out with jerseys and other stuff. It’s especially nice that Bright House helps kids who would not otherwise get a chance to play on a Little League team. I’m glad you love the game so much!

    All good to know — thanks for sharing!

    • Thank You MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:
      I’m happy that they sponsor Little League teams to!!!!!!!

  19. Hi Colin!

    I like a lot of the favorite players you mentioned too! Mostly Longoria and Price since I’m a Rays fan. =) I’ve heard rumors that the team may end up moving. I hope not though.

    It is pretty awesome that Bright House sponsors so many teams and contributes back to the community. I was even able to play quite a few seasons on a recreational soccer team thanks to Bright House sponsoring us.

    Is the bottom right of your photo taken from Tropicana Field? If so, that’s right near me! One of the things I especially like about that stadium is that it’s covered so whether it’s sweltering hot outside or torrential downpour, you can still enjoy the game. Making it to and from the car on a stormy day might be a trickier matter though! heh.


    • Thank You Ian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:
      I hope that they move in the center of Tampa thats not to far away is it?

  20. THANK YOU EVERYBODY WHO COMMENTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (: (: (: (: (: (: (:

  21. Hey Colin,

    This is very good information to share. I hope your dad takes you to the new Miami Marlins stadium. I think you will like it very much since I did.

  22. Way to go Colin. You’ve got a great writing style and I enjoy reading these. So does one of my granddaughters. You’ve got a secret admirer. 😉

  23. That was very informative Colin great blog keep them coming

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