Customer Service: A Fantastic Experience
Posted on: January 04, 2013
Customer Service: A Fantastic Experience

Ever since I was first contacted via Twitter by Bright House Networks, I no longer bother picking up the phone and calling as I know I can simply send a tweet and someone will get back to me within minutes.

My experiences with Dee and Nick at Bright House Networks through Twitter have been fantastic and it was an experience with Dee the other night that prompted me to express my gratitude. They have both been nice, courteous and professional but at the same time easy-going and able to joke around, which I value tremendously.

I commend Bright House Networks for giving their social employees the latitude to speak with their customers as a “buddy” and joke around while still maintaining a certain level of professionalism, which they have done very well.

I wanted to thank Bright House Networks, and Dee in particular and let them know what a special job Dee and Nick are doing.

Again, thank you.


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Chris Berry
Chris Berry

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