Commended for Professional Service
Posted on: December 12, 2012
Commended for Professional Service

I would like to commend Hector for his professionalism and aboveaverage, dedicated demeanor regarding his work ethic. The services to my residence were interrupted by when the power line leading to my home was accidentally severed.  I contacted Bright House immediately and the Bright House Networks representative explained that he would do his best to schedule a service call by the end of the day. This was at approximately 1:00 p.m. While I was waiting, I noticed a Bright House Networks service truck driving up the road to my residence. The driver, Hector, slowed and asked if anything was wrong. I explained what had happened and he immediately parked his truck to take a look at what had occurred. The cable had been ripped out of the ground and had been completely torn apart leaving a twelve-foot gap between the remaining cable ends. Without saying a word, he disconnected the old damaged cable and ran a new line from the outside box to the external hookup box outside my residence. He then asked me to check all the components inside my home to assure that everything was working properly. While I was doing this, he proceeded to relocate the cable around the construction area and marked the cable with small red flags denoting the cable path.

First and foremost, Hector is to be highly commended for his professionalism and concern regarding the aforementioned situation. His dedication goes far beyond the norm, to say the very least. Once again, I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to Hector, who went above and beyond the normal scope of responsibility in resolving the situation. His professionalism and dedication help make Bright House one of the most trusted and valued cable companies in existence today.



Melbourne, Florida

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Chris Berry
Chris Berry

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