Collin – Mission Possible
Posted on: April 24, 2013
Collin – Mission Possible

Collin came to put in the new wire in my office. While he was here, he put in a new outlet, as well as a new wire in the office, so that the wires were not hanging from the ceiling. He also moved the amplifier from my bedroom, hanging from the ceiling, to next to the cable box. Not only did he make sure that everything was working in perfect condition before he left, but he also kept the house as clean as when he got there. He put on the plastic covers over his shoes every time he came in the house, and removed them when he went outside.

He was very polite the entire time that was here, and when others had told me that things were impossible, he told me that nothing is impossible, you just have to do a little more work.

Everyone that comes to the house should act like Collin.

Thank you!


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Lorelie Johnson
Lorelie Johnson

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