Characters Unite Award Presented to Helen Greenspun
Posted on: July 26, 2012
Characters Unite Award Presented to Helen Greenspun

Below photo (left to right): Bright House Networks Vice President of Operations and General Manager Michel Champagne, USA Network “Characters Unite” award winner Helen Greenspun of Longwood, and Fred Haug of NBC Universal show a $5,000 check that Helen earned through her selection as a national winner of the USA Network 2012 Characters Unite Awards, given to people who engage in extraordinary efforts to combat prejudice and discrimination while increasing tolerance and acceptance in their communities. Bright House Networks matched the $5,000 national award from USA Network, resulting in a total cash award of $10,000 for the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida in Maitland, the charity Helen Greenspun designated to receive the money. Helen is a holocaust survivor and lecturer who is a member of the board of the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” said American philosopher George Santayana. Longwood, FL, resident Helen Greenspun is out to make sure no one forgets one of history’s greatest tragedies, the death of millions of Jews systematically killed by the Nazis during World War II.

Helen’s key role in educating others about the Holocaust has earned her national recognition through the USA Network “Characters Unite” annual award program. She was selected as one of ten national winners from hundreds of people nominated for “extraordinary efforts in combating prejudice and discrimination while increasing tolerance and acceptance in their communities.”

Helen has dedicated her life to teaching future generations about the atrocities of the Holocaust. Born in Chmielnik, Poland in 1926, Helen survived two labor camps and five concentration camps.  She lost her parents and two youngest siblings in Treblinka and was reunited with her four other siblings who survived after the war.

Helen has dedicated herself to sharing her story, and speaks frequently to local students, teachers and community organizations in order to raise awareness and to be a voice for those who did not survive.  Helen also is on the board of the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida, an organization dedicated to combating anti-Semitism, racism and prejudice with the ultimate goal of developing a moral and just community through its extensive outreach of educational and cultural programs.  Using the lessons of the Holocaust as a tool, the Center teaches the principles of good citizenship to thousands of people of all ages, religions and backgrounds each year. Helen was presented with a $5,000 national grant along with her award by USA Network at a recent ceremony held at the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center in Maitland, which she designated for use by the Center. Bright House Networks, the local host of the awards program, matched the $5,000 national award, giving the Center a total of $10,000 to continue its education and awareness programs.

Do you know someone who has dedicated their life to combating prejudice and discrimination? If so, you could nominate them for a 2013 USA Network “Characters Unite” award. More information is available online at

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Brian Craven
Brian Craven

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  1. I just currently went to the museum with my girlfriend as we both are in lets say over 40 club and as an US ARMY veteran who was stationed in Augsburg Germany in the late 70 s and visited a camp while there I am still appalled at the ignorance of our country as i saw the picture of Nov. 2009 protest of the Holocaust Memorial and the first thing that went to my mind was I’m not to proud to be an American Veteran of the US ARMY right now as I stand here in disbelief!!! I was ashamed of the behavior an very proud of these very courageous women to come forward and share the horrific crimes against them and many many others .

    Thank You all so very much for your time and some day would be very proud to meet some of these Ladies and talk to them


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