Cedar Cove Sweepstakes – Week Four and Final Week to Enter for a Chance to Win
Posted on: October 07, 2013
Cedar Cove Sweepstakes – Week Four and Final Week to Enter for a Chance to Win

It’s your last week to enter the Cedar Cove Sweepstakes!

Submit your entry by answering today’s question on our Cedar Cove Sweepstakes blog post. Be sure to leave your name and email address when entering a response below. No purchase necessary, visit here for the official rules.

Balancing a career with family and finding love can be challenging. Watch how the exciting characters of Cedar Cove manage their relationships in a small town with a big heart. Dylan Neal plays “Jack” in “Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove TV” a new primetime series on Hallmark Channel USA Saturdays at 8p/7C.

Here’s the last question – What are your favorite qualities in a relationship?

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Chris Berry
Chris Berry

(40) Readers Comments
  1. Compassion and understanding and the ability to communicate both.

  2. Loyalty, honesty, intelligence, humor, and compassion.

  3. A partner that understands communication, compromise & team work!

  4. Honesty and positive outlook.

  5. Loyalty, honesty, compassion, grace and mercy!

  6. Favorite qualities in a relationship would be loving, understanding, compassionate and honest.

  7. Someone willing to say I’m Sorry, loyalty and a person who is giving.

  8. Unconditional love, honesty and compassion

  9. Compassionate, thinks of you and let’s you know it. Honest to a point (doesn’t say you look fat). Can look straight into your eyes and tells you he loves you without a hesitation. Able to admit when their wrong, and say they are sorry. Loves you and shows it every day. I would say that’s the relationship I would want.

  10. Honesty, understanding and a sense of humor!

  11. My favorite qualities of a relationship are thoughtfulness, reliability and honesty.

  12. My favorite qualities are fairness, respectfulness, and honesty.

  13. Respect, Open Communication, Laughter , trust, make time for intimacy!

  14. First and foremost, I value respect in a relationship. He must be honest, trustworthy, and very forgiving, because I’ll probably mess up!

  15. Unconditional love, loyalty, honesty, and a great sense of humor

  16. Respect, consideration, and love. 🙂

  17. Consideration and Respect are key, with Love and Devotion. Be sure to like each other as well 🙂

  18. Laughter and a shared vision for the future 🙂

  19. Must be loving, understanding, compassionate and honest.

  20. Trust

  21. Gentlemanlike, Respectful, trustworthy, lover, who have good sense of humor, compassionate, and loyal are some of the characteristics that I am looking in a relationship.

  22. Treat each other like you would like them to treat you. Ask questions before jumping to conclusions—-be honest with one another. If any children are involved do the same and if so needed get them the proper help.

  23. Trust and respect.

  24. Compassion, integrity, loyalty, honor, respect.

  25. Respect, understanding, patience, honesty, humor all this combined show unquestionable love.

  26. compatibility, laughter, and easy to sleep next to. thats all that counts really

  27. Be honest.

  28. Easy going and dependable.

  29. Caring and reliable.

  30. Honesty, truthfulness and loyal love. Have all 3 in my 47 year relationship with my best friend and husband.

  31. Trust , compassion, understanding

  32. The best qualities in a relationship starts with trust,loyalty, companionship,knowing what the other thinks without saying a word, got to love each other unconditionally and be each other’s best friend. Never leave or go to bed angry at each other. Compassion and understanding of each other’s needs.

  33. Honesty, Respect, Passion and friendship/companionship

  34. honesty and respect

  35. Honest and Loyal

  36. Loyalty and honesty

  37. Communication humor.

  38. honesty and loyalty

  39. loyalty and honesty

  40. Honest!!

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