C-the-SPAN of Tampa-St. Pete History
Posted on: May 17, 2011
C-the-SPAN of Tampa-St. Pete History

C-SPAN is turning back the hands of time and The Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network has taken on a first of its kind project. It will be documenting the history of several cities throughout the southeastern United States.

Tampa/St. Pete is the first in line.

Producers will be traveling in their LCV’s (local content vehicles) to gather stories about the areas’ rich history. The C-SPAN crews will also explore the extensive literary life of Florida’s west coast. There are three crews completely equipped to shoot and edit video for the stories they find right on the spot. They will spend a week in each of the eight cities they plan to document.

Bright House Networks has teamed up with non-profit organizations to help them collect the stories that might otherwise go untold. Those stories will air May 28 and 29 on the cable network’s non-fiction channel (Book TV on C-SPAN 2) and on its history channel (American History TV on C-SPAN3).

C-SPAN reaches more than 100-million households. Visit our site for channel information.

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Donald Forbes
Donald Forbes

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