Bright House Networks Ranks Highest in the South Region for the Seventh Consecutive Year
Posted on: September 20, 2012
Bright House Networks Ranks Highest in the South Region for the Seventh Consecutive Year

It’s official! For the seventh year in a row J.D. Power and Associates reports that Bright House Networks Home Phone ranked highest in customer satisfaction among U.S. Telephone service providers in the South Region.

Read more about the 2012 U.S. Residential Telephone Customer Satisfaction Study in today’s press release from J.D. Power and Associates.

Congratulations to our team for continuing to provide exceptional service, and special thanks to our customers for choosing Bright House Networks!

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Kimberly Maki
Kimberly Maki

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  1. Just thought I’d share with you some comments I made in the Verizon website about the experience I had with them during a trip we made this September. Since I mentioned Bright House, I thought I’d copy you.

    “They have the worst customer service! Customer satisfaction is something they do not understand!!! Just got off this morning with them for international calls I attempted to make during my cruise shore excursions. The calls didn’t go through during critical times for “connection failed” or “no service.” I didn’t get to speak to anyone during these calls yet still got charged for them because I somehow “got connected” according to the Verizon person I spoke to. They are very inflexible, inflexible, inflexible. I wish I could cancel my wireless now but unfortunately I have to wait until January 2013. I use Bright House now for our phones, TV, Internet. I adamantly refuse due to negative billing experiences with them in the past while we were living in another state. They haven’t changed. I have experienced the quality of service provided by Bright House and I can say that Verizon has a lot to learn from Bright House! In the end, my husband says to just pay as it is not worth the aggravation and the time spent dealing with Verizon.”

    • Thanks Marilou for sharing your comments with us! I will share your kind words with our team. It means a lot to hear from customers like you since they are continuously working hard to provide the best in customer service every day.

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